What is the Refund Policy?

We may issue a refund  your game if any keys assigned to the order have not been seen on Nuuvem account,because if you view the key, it's assinged to your account and can not be canceled anymore.

Note that we consider a key as viewed if you sign into your Nuuvem account and click on any of your games purchased on "My Games". Before viewing, a confirmation message will pop up asking if you really want to proced and see the activation key on your account

Before viewing the key make sure you already own this game or, if you already own it,you  are aware of the purchase of a new key.

Be aware of the minimum requirements for the game to run smoothly on your PC and the activation platform (Steam, GOG, Uplay etc ...). This information is available on each product page.

If you have seen the key and it has problems activating, or the game has a problem, send us prints, photos, videos or any other proof of the problem that we will help you in the best way possible! :D

To ask for a refund, all you have to do is to contact us via email and don't forget to inform us your Order ID and game title.