How to Activate on

Make sure that your game is actually enabled by the GOG platform. The activation form of each game is located below the name of the game and just below the cart. See the image below:

The GOG key is activated by the link below, which will direct you to the window as shown:

If you do not have a registered GOG account at the time of activation, you will be redirected to do itby the site itself. It's very fast and simple. Do not worry! =)

Once activated you have two options to download the game:

- From the GOG website, after logging in, position the cursor over your username, click games and you will be directed to your library. Select the game you want to download.
- For the GOG - Galaxy app that can be obtained by downloading the link

Then just log into the same GOG account where the game key was activated and then you can download the game.

If you have any additional questions or difficulties that we can help, please let us know by