I bought my game, but there is no key on my account

There are some details that must be observed. Here they are:

- Is the game you bought a pre-order? If that's the case, don't worry. It's normal that the key isn't available yet: this should happen as soon as the game is launched. And if the game has a preload, the key will be available a couple of days before launching so you can download and install it.

- The game you bought is DRM-Free? If so, do not worry too. Games that are DRM-Free have no activation key. Just download and install the game. In your Nuuvem account under "My Games" when you click on the game cover, the download link will appear.

- The activation key may be over: this is not often, but this may happen, especially when there is a very large demand for some particular game. This is usually temporary and we do our best to make the keys available again as soon as possible.