Invalid Key Issue

This is common to happen in the following situations:

- When the key is being inserted incorrectly: a digit of the key may be inserted erroneously or even missing some part of the key. To prevent this from happening, preferably copy (CTRL + V) and paste (CTRL + C) the key at the time of activation.

- Some games provide two activation keys (usually one for base game and another for DLC): if the two (or more) keys are activated at once as if they were a single key, the activation will not be completed. One way to find out if there are two keys in your Nuuvem account is by checking "My Games> Game Name" if you see two lines in the key field in your Nuuvem account. If you have two lines (or more), it's because there are two keys (or more) that are there.

- Wrong activation platform: The activation form is informed on the product page before purchase and in "My Games> Game Name". If you redeem the key in a country different, the activation will not complete. So, for example, if you try to activate a GOG key on Steam, the activation will be invalid.

- Instability of the activation servers: this is usually a temporary problem and if the activation of the key is done during this period, it may be that the key being valid is considered to be invalid. Since this is a generally temporary problem, if you try to activate it a little later, it should work normal.