My game doesn't start

There are some things that can be done if your game is not starting properly or the installation is catching the progress at some point. Try these tips below that should help you.

1 → Start your game as an administrator

To do this, right click on the game shortcut (or the executable file itself) and select "Run as administrator". Sometimes lack of administrator permission can block some process of installing / running your game.

2 → Make sure antivirus or firewall is not blocking the game

Depending on the security level of some antivirus / firewall, any process executed by programs that they do not recognize as a usual process is blocked by default.

Setting exceptions in the antivirus or firewall so that scans / locks do not happen in certain programs that you recognize as not harmful to your computer, may also resolve this problem.

Letting the antivirus / firewall temporarily unlocked just to have the time to start the game (remembering after enabling them again), can also help

3 → Some other background application may be causing the game to stop

Press ALT + CTRL + DEL and go to the Task Manager. After that, start the game. Keep an eye on the "Processes" tab. When the game starts, it should open the process of the game itself. If something else opens along with your game, it may be the process that is preventing the correct operation of the game. If it is located, right-click on it and select "End Process".