How to Activate on Uplay

To activate your game on Uplay just follow these steps:

1.Make sure that your game is actually enabled by the Uplay platform. The activation form of each game is located below the name of the game and just below the cart. See the image below:

2. Go to your Nuuvem account in the "My Games" menu and, by clicking on the game's cover, select and copy (Ctrl + C) the activation key.

3. Then download and install the Uplay application using this link:

4. In the application, go to the "Activate a Keys" menu.

5. In the new window that will open paste (Ctrl + V) the activation key and click on "ON".

6. Ready, your key has been activated! \ o / To download and install the game simply go to the "Games" section and click on the game cover.

7. On the game page just click on "Download" and follow the other steps.