Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Gold Edition's contents

If you purchased Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition and Season Pass contents are not showing up on your Steam account (or if Season Pass is showing up as a DLC to purchase on Steam Store), you don't need to worry, because this is very usual.

The correct manner to check if you redeemed Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition is following the path below through the Steam menu:
  • Steam → Settings → Account → View Account Details  → View licenses and product key activations
On the end of this path, you'll see all games you redeemed and purchased on Steam. Everyone who purchased Gold Edition will see on that list the title Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition. 

If this is what you are viewing, so everything is Ok. ;)

You only need to wait for the release of each DLC from Season Pass, because if you are not able to access the contents, it's because they werent' released yet and the date will be announced by publisher sometime later.