How Does Nuuvem Works ?

Hello Gamer, 

Welcome to Nuuvem ! :D

Nuuvem is the largest digital game distribution platform in Latin America. All games in our catalog are exclusively for PC

To purchase the games from our catalog you must first create your Nuuvem account. If you don't already have a Nuuvem account, click here. After confirming your registration, just follow the steps below:

- First step: The Choice

Buy your best games in our catalog with over 3,000 options at your disposal.

- Step Two: The Payment

After choosing your games, click on "buy" and select the method of payment.

Note that on the page of each game are specified the minimum settings for the game to work well on your PC. Keep an eye on this information

Also note the activation platform of the game (Steam, Uplay, GOG etc). This information appears prominently on each product page. Pay close attention because a DLC that is activated on Uplay may not work with a  game that has been activated on Steam.

- Step Three: The Key Magic

After the payment is approved and your request released by our brave knights, go to your profile in the my games tab.

Before viewing the game activation key, please read our refund policy carefully.
To view the key, go to "My Games" and click on the purchased product to view the key.

- Final Step: Activate the keys

After viewing the keys, you must activate them in their respective platform (Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, Rockstar Social Club)