Order under Review

What is the status of review of the order?

We want everyone who buys with us to play as soon as possible what they have bought, but we can not give up the security of the purchase so that unauthorized purchases happen. To prevent this from occurring, some orders go through revision status before the purchase is approved and released into the Nuuvem account. The time it takes for this review to happen can be from a few minutes to a few hours.

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→ The request is under review for a long time. Is there a way to expedite the review of the request?

There is no way to speed up a review, because all the procedures involved are already happening so that the request is released as fast as possible, but if you believe that the review is taking too long (let's assume that more than 24 hours is a long waiting time) , the tip we can give is that you log out of your Nuuvem account and log in again, because if the Nuuvem account is logged in directly, it may be that the order status does not update correctly causing the game not to be released even if approved .

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→ The request is under review and I was charged on the card. Because?

The review is an order status that happens shortly after payment is approved. So stay calm! If the charge appeared on your payment invoice, this is normal. :)

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→ What happens if the order is canceled in the review?

If the order is canceled, that amount that appeared as a charge on the card's invoice (or any other payment method you selected) is also canceled, but this does not happen immediately after the cancellation. In case of purchases by card, the issuer of the card takes time for the cancellation to be reflected in the invoice which can take up to 30 days to update the cancellation on the invoice and even if the card cycle is closed, on the next invoice this is compensated.