How to Improve your contact with our Support Team ?

Hi gamer!

Here are some tips to make your contact with our support team more efficient and faster :)

•Search in our knowledge base  if there is an article that answers your question. Sometimes the solution to your problem is a click away. 

• Whenever possible, contact our support through the e-mail that you registered with your Nuuvem account. In this way, we can act more accurately in solving your problem, through your account in our platform :)

• Do not open more than one ticket to deal with the same subject. Always respond to the email that was sent by our team. It is important to keep a consistent record of the conversation, so we can monitoring the progress of the situation.

• If applicable, please tell us the order number and what game you would like to talk about. This ensures faster and more objective service.

• Send photos, prints, videos, or any other proof of the problem you're having with your key or game. By this way, we can analyze the situation in a more objective way and send you a more precise orientation.

• Our response time is 2 business days but we generally respond well before this deadline. In times of great demand it is normal that the answer takes a little more time but do not worry: we respond to everyone always!

• Prefer to contact our Support team through our website, rather than our social networks.

• Evaluate our service whenever possible. Your feedback is very important so we can always evolve.

• You can always count on our healers to help you;)