I can't use my Paypal account balance

It is possible to use your Paypal account balance for shopping at Nuuvem's plataform. Your Paypal account balance must be in the same currency that the games you're buying (this is a restriction estabilished by the Brazilian Central Bank for online transactions by companies such as Paypal)

This means that if you try to buy a game in a currency different from the game's currency price, the option for making the payment using your Paypal account balance, won't be avaiable. It will only be avaiable the payment by credict card.

In case you don't know how to check if you have account balance avaiable in the currency you wish, we'll give you a little help:

→ First Step

Access your Paypal account e go to wallet and then in Details.

→ Second Step

On the Paypal account balance screen, you will see the available balance in your Paypal account in each of the currencies you have. In case you have account balance in the same currency that you buying but you are not able to use it, contact the Paypal Support Center ( https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/home )