How Do I know If a game can run on my PC ?

Hi gamer!!

There are some games that we, gamers, expect the whole year for the lauch. It's really annoying when we finally get a chance to play and it doesn't run in our PC.

To avoid  frustration after the purchase, be aware of the system requirements for each game, which are on each product page. This information can be found at the bottom of the product page.

If you still have doubts about whether your PC will run the game you want to buy or not, you can access the link below and it will show you the likelihood of your PC running the game you are interested in.

To use the link above is easy :

1) After clicking the link above, enter the name of the game that you want the information in the space indicated and click on Can You Run It, as indicated in the image below:

2) A new page will open with the system requirements of the game you typed. Click again on Can You Run It.

3) Download the Detection.exe file and, after finishing the download, click on it so that it automatically analyzes the settings of your PC and compares them with the selected game.

4) Another page will open with the result of the analysis .

If you still have questions, contact our support team :D