What is DLC and Season Pass ?

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Many games have won our heart since the first time we hit the start button, especially the big titles...And the publishers know that . Therefore, extra content is periodically released for our most passionate games, giving them a higher survival rate.

DLC  has a very simple meaning: downloadable content,. They are nothing more than extra files, add-ons, that users can download to their games. They can be skins, gestures, new maps, characters or even a new campaign.

All DLC's to be activated require their respective base games installed and activated on the same platform. For example, if you have Rainbow Six Siege enabled on Steam and you want to buy that skin for your favorite weapon, the activation code should be Steam as well, otherwise it will not work.

Every DLC on the product page tells you which base game you must have previously purchased to gain access to the extra content:

 If the game has one or more DLC's, all items will be placed on the DLC tab, just below Other Editions. See the image below:

• The Season Pass or Expansion Pass of a game generally releases access to multiple DLCs and extra content. Therefore, when purchasing the Season Pass it is important to read the content that it gives you access not to purchase a DLC or content that is already released by the Season Pass. The content of each Season Pass is informed on the product page as shown in the image below: