How to change my e-mail/password

To change your e-mail or password, it's very simples. See how below:

1) Change your Password:

There are two ways you can change your password:

The first of these is to log in to your Nuuvem account and select the  My Account option and from the menu on the left side select Change Password and make the change you want.

If you have forgotten your password, on the log in screen click on I Forgot My Password.

Then enter your e-mail linked to your Nuuvem Account. In this same email, you will receive a message with the link to retrieve your password. Just follow the instructions to change your password.

2) Change your E-mail:

To change your email, access your Nuuvem account and go to  My Account. Then, select the Change E-mail option. Enter the new email you want to be linked to your Nuuvem account first and then your current password. Then click Save Changes.

You will receive, in the new e-mail that you registered, a message from Nuuvem to confirm the change of the e-mail. Only after this confirmation  your email will be changed and the process completed.